Connecting with 8 Countries – Australia, Kenya, India, USA, NZ, Ireland, Asia, UK.

24 Presenters

24 Speakers from all over the Globe, experts sharing their knowledge and processes on education, business and culture.

8 Weeks

The Global Leaders Thrive Program takes place over 8 Weeks, each session is 120 Mins with 3 Locations and 3 Speakers LIVE. 


To ensure your experience of the program is professional and smooth, we will deliver the program on the latest interactive platform.


Our 24 presenters are world-class and top experts in their field. Each presenter has been chosen because of their success in Leadership and their educative approach to the work that they do.


This first of its kind program offers benefits that will not only expand your knowledge of the world, but it will also bring insights and personal brand accolades to your thinking and innovation at your workplace. The nuggets of wisdom, the current insights and connections will ensure your reputation for being on-trend will grow your career without a doubt.

Is this Program for You?

Global Leaders Thrive Program is for educators and entrepreneurs who want to further their leadership skills in a unique and powerful way. If you are working as a teacher, principal, manager or business owner, then this program will open you up to diverse methods, insights and process to use in your current work and business. You will also be able to connect and collaborate with the presenters and the participants. As a take-away, you will also receive notes and worksheets on all the methods and processes that take place.

Global Content
For Educators
For Entrepreneurs
Interactive Learning


Experiencing the world is one of the best ways to learn and grow personally and professionally. COVID-19 has made travel not possible for most, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop that immersion and growth. Our Program is designed to get a holistic view of leadership in education and business around the globe.