New Dream for New Gen

30 Mar 2021
8.10pm - 8.30pm

New Dream for New Gen

“When I am not leading a group of 60 some coders, educators and creative minds at an EdTech social enterprise, I play with my six-year-old daughter. I dream with her for new futures for her generation.”

In our generation, zero sum games have prevailed. History lessons taught us to be individualists – leaders to dominate, power to corrupt, and wealth distribution to skew.

We all have to leave everything behind once we are six feet underneath. Covid taught us embracing humanity is the reward and success of all. No country is safe until all are safe.

In this session, Hla Hla brings together her wholistic education reform in a business model where vision and engineering become ‘visioneering learning’ along with social responsibility. It’s a time to question the culture of winners vs. losers, confronting, judging and fighting rather than resolving root cause.’ Let’s discuss Peter Diamandis’ 6 D’s of disruptive innovation and how we can re-vision the meaning of success, power, wealth in abundance.