John Murray

Positive Self Image Educator & Photographer

John Murray

Positive Self Image Educator & Photographer
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Widely regarded as Ireland’s leading headshot photographer and trained by the worlds leading headshot photographer Peter Hurley, John is not only an award winning portrait photographer and speaker specialising in Headshots and self awareness education, he is also national director of individual development and training for Junior Chamber International.

With emphasis on the substance of his clients rather than the superficial, his focus is drawing out the personalities
and inner strengths of each person he photographs, giving a sense of who they are to anyone looking on.

Identified as one of his biggest strengths, educating others has always been something John has enjoyed, from teaching while a brand ambassador for Canon, to helping clients understand their stress triggers and the things that are holding them back. With this in mind, John certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and as a Mindfulness Master Practitioner in 2018 under Kain Ramsey

Not solely a photographer, John is a speaker and self awareness educator and regularly speaks on stages for clients like Linkedin, Facebook and at conferences like The Networking Summit, partnered with Women’s Inspire Network, Eisht and is a proud PepsPartner to workplace wellbeing platform Peptalk HQ

In 2017 John Murray Headshots was named as a supplier to, and part of Google’s Supplier Diversity Program and in 2020 partnered with Dial Global for the Dial Faces Campaign celebrating diversity, inclusion & belonging by photographing thought leaders and change makers in the area of Diversity and Inclusion including people from The English Football Association, F1 Racing and Bank of England

From working with huge brands like Linkedin, Google and Bank of Ireland to shooting individuals, actors and models, John’s unique approach has proven to bring out the best in everyone he shoots.

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The Good Of The Village

24 Mar 2021
8.10pm - 8.30pm