Supercharge Your Culture – How to Change Your Approach to Drive Better Results

Business Lens
10 Mar 2021
8.10am - 8.30am

Supercharge Your Culture – How to Change Your Approach to Drive Better Results

Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It’s what makes your business unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.
Overcoming a challenging culture can seem an arduous task, but with the correct approach, you can achieve world-class results. As a leader, you must understand the critical link between employee behavior, environment and the resulting workplace culture. In March 2020 Mark took over as President & CEO for Spartanburg Steel Products in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Within the first 4 weeks they were in lockdown due to COVID-19. How did Mark and his entire workforce respond?

Mark will also share the ‘how’ to impact positive workplace culture, through proven methods, through sharing his personal journey! With over 25 years of leading people and teams, Mark has had the privilege to work with, and for, great leaders – and not-so-great leaders. Both experiences were extremely valuable to his personal development which started with his father, who was a leader for most of his career. At work, a highly respected, a man of integrity and character. But one of his biggest leadership lessons—what Mark ‘eventually named the burden of leadership’, he learned from interacting with his father at home. Mark’s father, who suffered from depression, was different in his personal life—the weight of his responsibilities affected his mood.

Don’t miss Mark’s ‘Golden Rule’, his insights and processes that he uses to give responsibility to who really owns the problem and how (as leaders) we can respond appropriately as we have a responsibility to our people. To be consistent, fair and predictable in terms of our behaviour. We are also human, and we have bad days, but we do have a responsibility to be fair and consistent.

Leading people is a privilege, and a burden. Your willingness to accept both is what makes you special as well.